Raymon Eikenberry Farms Inc.


With 20 years of farming experience, Raymon and Janet established Raymon Eikenberry Farms Inc. in 1987. The Farm operation currently cash rents or owns a total of 1665 acres and custom farms an additional 1,175 acres. The corporation operates in Cass, Carroll, and Clinton counties in Indiana with its base in Carroll County. Tillage practices have changed over the years to a mixture of no-till and minimum-till practices. Fertilizer and chemicals are applied using a GPS mapping system to control the amount of product applied to each square inch of the field.  The harvesting equipment also has the GPS tracking system to evaluate yield and weed control.  Government programs are utilized when they are available.

Further growth is expected as new opportunities are always welcome and pursued.

We are always glad to talk to anyone interested in renting or selling their land.

please email: raymon@rjeikenberry.com


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