Eikenberry Trucking

Eikenberry Trucking, Inc. was founded in 1992 and derived from its parent company, Raymon Eikenberry Farms, Inc. Established in 1987. We are a steadily growing, family-owned business which prides itself with on-time service. At Eikenberry Trucking we carefully analyze all opportunities for expansion, while specializing in the transportation of refrigerated products primarily in the Midwest region of the United States. Our dedicated drivers take great pride in Eikenberry Trucking making it possible to provide outstanding customer service.

At Eikenberry Trucking, Inc. our goal is to provide reliable, competent service to our customers while steadily building our customer base. You will receive the same personal attention whether we are running one truck or one hundred trucks. We realize to provide quality service to our customers requires a team effort. Whether you are a customer, driver, or office personnel, you become a vital part of our team.

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Email; Chris@rjeikenberry.com

Phone; 800-234-4053